A smooth sailing journey

Voyage Resources arranges Care Management and HCBS services that support children along their journey. This is accomplished by a collaborative effort between the parent, care manager, and any other individual involved in the child's care. We work together to understand where your child's challenges lie, and develop the most comprehensive and proficient intervention plan. We act as your child's compass, guiding them on their smooth journey forward.

Destined to Succeed


Work with the school or yeshiva to make sure your child is learning in their ideal environment Help with 504 Plans and IEPs

Skill Development

Connecting your child to providers who can help develop skills for daily living, integrating into the community, and job preparation


Coordinate interventions for emotional difficulties, challenging behaviors, and mental health or substance abuse issues

Social Benefits

Finding and applying for free community-based resources such as food stamps


Find appropriate professionals for vision, dental and medical care, nutrition, and mental health